CDA has been a huge blessing for our daughters! My oldest has developed more technique, confidence, and love for dance. My youngest, in the lower levels, has had a chance to explore dance, learn great Ballet fundamentals and break out of her shell some. Ashley Lopez is amazing! She loves each student, provides amazing staff, and is always seeking to better the students! CDA is a studio of integrity and I wouldn’t have my girls anywhere else!
— Renee L.
My husband and I have four girls that dance at CDA. As soon as we watched them have their first class we knew this is where we wanted them to grow as dancers. CDA teachers teach the true art of dance and help the children grow to be beautiful, poised, and respectful dancers. This place is like our second home and our girls love dance days. We couldn’t be more grateful to have CDA as our dance studio. Thanks for all you do for our girls. We love CDA!!!!
— Nikita H.

Collective Dance Artistry offers much more than a first class dance education. Walking in the door, you are immediately greeted with warm and welcoming decor. Dancers have access to a kitchen to heat and enjoy meals. Homework stations are available in the state of the art dancer’s lounge. Professional flooring adorns each of the four dance studios. Yet, what sets Collective apart is their caring, knowledgeable staff. Love truly radiates from the owner on down through to the tiniest of feet. I’m both grateful and proud my daughter calls Collective Dance Artistry her second home.
— Heather W.
We love CDA! My daughter is currently in the Creative Movement class. Her teacher is wonderful! She’s the perfect mix of firm and kind and my daughter responds really well to her. All the staff are friendly and helpful. We wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
— Sara L.

I am so grateful that my girls are part of a studio that continues to develop their technique and love and appreciation for the true artistry of dance. All instructors at this studio have always had the girls’ best interests at heart. They know how to bring out the best in every dancer. This is why Collective Dance Artistry has such well-rounded dancers. Collective Dance Artistry is simply the best environment for my girls.
— Jennifer F.
The studio itself is elegant, comfortable and elite. The dancers have a huge cozy lounge with homework areas, changing rooms and lighted hair/makeup stations. They also have a full kitchen for eating dinner on long dance nights. It’s truly like a family.
My daughter was encouraged to try every single genre of dance for a week to determine her level and what she liked before deciding. This place is top notch, SUPER classy and inviting all at the same time. This is her 9th year dancing so we’ve been to a few studios in town whether it be: classes, master classes or dance intensives. We love that there is a strong ballet focus for those who are seeking that in a studio while also offering more genres than any other studio we’d encountered. Collective Dance Artistry has such professionalism, strong focus on technique while also allowing the students to have so much fun and enjoy the art of dance! My daughter is calling it “dance heaven”. The teachers are also very encouraging, inspiring and come from very professional backgrounds - which shows.
— Keri J.