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As the leading center for dance, Collective Dance Artistry is committed to increasing opportunities for all individuals to participate in and understand the art of dance. We are determined to reach each current and potential student on an individual level by providing the knowledge and resources necessary to accomplish each goal set. To fulfill that mission, CDA strives to provide quality dance education and present dance performances reflecting the highest standards of excellence and diversity, and to make those performances accessible to the broadest possible audience through performing arts education.

At CDA, we believe that the arts are one of humanity’s most eloquent means of understanding the world. Through the art of dance, we share the most unique ideas and the highest achievements of every culture, finding a universal language which permits communication among all. As such, the art of dance is an essential component of a complete, well-rounded education and healthy lifestyle.

Through the years, studies have discovered that the inclusion of the performing arts in a broad curriculum improves the quality of an individual’s educational experience. The art of dance teaches discipline, improves self-esteem, inspires creativity, and helps individuals to set and reach goals. As a result, instilling each dancer with strong core values. Our passion and knowledge of the art of dance makes our academy an exciting, challenging place for all ages–a place where students are encouraged to explore, create, and grow to their fullest potential.

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“Quality dance instruction” “I have two daughters who have been taking classes at CDA for a year now. Miss Ashleigh is a wonderful hands-on instructor insuring each student sees, feels and learns proper

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