Dance Classes

*Ages are set as guidelines only, placement is based on ability.

Lower Level Program (Ages 3 – 8)

Creative Movement (Ages 3 – 4)
45 minute class/once per week
A class designed to help develop motor skills and movement, students will study beginning fundamentals of ballet, tap and tumbling. Class etiquette will be introduced, along with activities utilizing props such as bouncy balls for coordination, ribbons for creativity and sticks for finding rhythm. This curriculum enhances cognitive and social development, benefiting any child’s growth process.
Dance Exploration I (Ages 5-6)
1 hour class/twice per week
In DE I students will study beginning ballet, tap and tumbling techniques while introducing proper dance terminology.
Dance Exploration II (Ages 7-8)
45 Minute class/2-3 times per week
DE II is a preparatory class, designed to teach the techniques needed for the Upper Level Program. Students will attend two – three times per week studying ballet, tap, and beginning jazz techniques.

Adult Program     (Ages 18+)

Adult Classes
Adult Ballet                                                 1 hr. class/once per week
Adult Hip Hop                                            1 hr. class/once per week

Upper Level Program     (Ages 9 & up)

Beginning Ballet                                         1 hour class/twice per week
Intermediate Ballet                                     1 hr. 15 min. class/once per week
Intermediate/Advance Ballet                     1 hr. 30 min. class/twice per week
Advanced Ballet/Pointe                             1 hr. 30 min. class/twice per week
The ballet program is designed to teach self discipline and etiquette. The structured curriculum teaches body alignment and technique while utilizing proper terminology. Students move through barre, center, and progressions throughout the class.
Beginning Jazz                                           1 hour class/once per week
Intermediate Jazz                                       1 hr. 15 min. class/once per week
Advanced Jazz                                           1 hr. 15 min. class/ once per week
The jazz program emphasizes technique and style while utilizing the fundamentals of jazz such as weight change, direction change, level change and use of space. Movement is held at a faster pace with a sharper dynamic.
*Contemporary students must also be actively enrolled in a ballet class
Contemporary I                                           45 minute class/once per week
Contemporary II                                         1 hour class/once per week
The contemporary class is a fusion of many forms of dance with a more organic influence. Focusing on dynamic and level changes, contemporary movement focuses on the spatial patterns and shapes of modern along with the lines of ballet and storytelling of lyrical. Students will explore improvisation, progressions and weight sharing throughout the curriculum.


Hip Hop
Hip Hop I                                                  45 minute class/once per week
Hip Hop II                                                   1 hr. class/once per week
The hip-hop program is a fun, upbeat, energized program where urban hip hop style is fused with street jazz. This dance style is full of rhythm and dynamic changes set to hip hop music.
Tap I                                                        45 minute class/once per week
Tap II                                                           1 hr. class/once per week
Rhythm and sound patterns are explored through tap steps and combinations. A great class to enhance rhythm and coordination while having fun!
Leaps and Turns
Leaps and Turns I                                       45 min. class/once per week
Leaps and Turns II                                      1 hr. class/twice per week
Progressions are explored utilizing jumps, leaps and turns.